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Brassard and Montreal Media

A big deal about nothing. But just the same, Aaron Portzline, the man who thinks endlessly about trades the Jackets should make and spent way too much time pushing Kevin Dineen for the coaching job, is jealous.  Portzline wants to be the guy who trips up the Jacket players.  The guy who didn’t say a word while Doug MacLean was killing the team, the reporter who told us that Adam Foote was a weasel but couldn’t offer proof, that guy.


Answers Tonight?

I couldn’t bring myself to post anything after that dreadful Avalanche game on Saturday.  It was no fun having paid $160+ for my tickets that night, seeing such uninspired play.  One player out there who was playing decent hockey was Adam Foote himself.  I must give him credit for playing smart, controlled hockey the entire game.  But Adam, why couldn’t you play like that when you received a paycheck from Columbus?  Why the fore-arm shivers, the needless penalties, the constant whining to the officials when you played here?

So will tonight set a Blue Jacket record?  Will they set an all-time low for Nationwide attendance?  If you have bothered to go to any games lately, and a lot of you don’t, you see the crowds getting smaller and smaller.  Holiday youth tournaments and gate attractions like Detroit and Pittsburgh have put some people in the seats, but tonight we have the Florida Panthers, a Wednesday night, and a cold weather forecast.  Not a good sign.  We could break 10,000 and I’m not talking about the upside.

I do want to mention that I was disturbed by the way Bob McElligott treated a fan who called into the post-game show on Saturday.  The fan, who I believe attended the game, was frustrated and expressed his displeasure with Steve Mason giving up the third goal to Colorado quickly after the Jackets had closed to within one goal.  McElligott put the fan down, saying that the puck “might have” been tipped by Marc Methot.  He was defensive and condescending to the fan, reminding me of the days when Doug MacLean ran the team.  Well, Bob, you are a member of the broadcast team and as such, benefit from countless video replays, yet you said the puck “might” have been tipped.  Was it tipped or not, Bob?  If it was tipped, why not say so?  If it wasn’t, why did you feel the need to put the guy down?  Do you think your paychecks are made possible by Goldman Sachs?

A few minutes later, you felt the need to tell everyone that in the Toronto game, Steve Mason was pulled and Mathieu Garon gave up a goal on the first shot he faced.  You implied that the fans got their way when Mason was pulled, but Garon wasn’t any better.  I believe you said something about the backup is real popular until he plays. Nothing about Garon coming off the bench cold and immediately facing a tough shot, eh Bob?

If this is how you are going to be Bob, that’s fine, but kiss my ass.  You just made it an easy call for me to not even bother listening to you since you know better than any of us stupid fans.  You might be the expert when you speak at local nursing homes, but your condescension is too much for me.

Your Questions Answered

1.  Why is Vince Vaughn such a big Chicago fan?  Because he is from Chicago.  Although he was born in Minneapolis, he grew up in Chicago (Buffalo Grove) and graduated from Lake Forest HS.  Lake Forest is where the “Home Alone” movies were made.  Vaughn can be seen at Bears games, too.

2.  Who is worse, the Versus announcers or the local FSN guys, Rimer and Davidge?  Joe Beninati and Jeff Rimer both worked for the Washington Capitals, although Beninati is still there when not doing Versus games.  But I’ll take Rimer any day over Beninati simply because Jeff does not sound like he is doing a car commercial when he calls games.  Now Darren Eliot, who did the color for last night’s game, is a former NHL goalie and gets my vote over Bill Davidge.  He does work for the Thrashers when not doing Versus and writes for SI.com.  Although both men have similar voices. Eliot gets my vote simply because he doesn’t repeat things over and over.  No question about it!

3.  How long will Rusty Klesla be out?  I’m afraid a lot longer than six weeks.  Groin injuries are one of the worst for hockey players and I suppose you could say a groin tear would be catastrophic.  The simple act of pushing off in the skating stride can’t be done without a healthy and strong groin.

4.  Does Kris Russell get down on himself all the time when he makes an error?  Of course he does, because Hitchcock makes damn sure of it.  But after the last two games, the leash that he keeps Russell on might get longer.

5.  Is Steve Mason back?  He might be.  The signs are there, but if the team doesn’t play better in front of him, he could get lost again.

6.  Will the crowds at Nationwide ever come back?  Well, the Maple Leafs are here on Thursday, so that should mean a bigger crowd, although they won’t be cheering for the local boys.  Membership in the Adam Foote Haters Club has dropped some over last year because the guy usually weasels out of Columbus games, so I wouldn’t count on a big crowd for Saturday.  Maybe Tiger Woods will make an appearance as part of his rehab tour.  I can’t wait to see him at Muirfield next June.

7.  Any stats we fans should be watching?  Yes; the Jackets have won all games this season when they have outscored the opposition after three periods.  Also, the Jackets have won more games at Nationwide than any other NHL team.

Big Win In The Big D

A nice win for the Blue Jackets last night in Dallas.  All of the CBJ goals came on special teams, including a short-handed beauty by Kristian Huselius in the first period with less than one second on the clock.  Juice’s goal should shut the commenters up on some of the local blogs, although this morning they are rightfully pissed off about the James Neal hit on Derek Dorsett.  I won’t post the video, but it is all over the web if you want to watch.  Neal was given a five and game and will probably face a hearing and more discipline.  The play will add to the criticism that NHL officiating has been getting lately, adding on to the number of issues facing the game.  I joked last week about Rick Nash doing a D League move on his shootout goal, but Neal copied a D (or E) League move with his hit from behind.  So we’ll see what happens, but I care more about Dorsett recovering than I do Neal getting a suspension.

I suppose we can look forward to Tom Sestito having a busy night in Nashville.  I say that without sarcasm, because the Predators (and Jordan Tootoo) play a lot tougher at home than they do on the road.  The PIM’s in the first period could be high on Saturday.  Opposing teams now think the Jackets are soft without Nikita Filatov in the lineup.

One In A Row

I didn’t make it to opening night, the first time I missed that game since the franchise began.  It was nice to see the lads win the first one and make everyone feel good.  The Jackets have a good chance tonight to catch a stumbling out-of-the blocks Vancouver team.  But then again, maybe the Canucks will have found their mojo and be competitive.

But I’ve got a few random thoughts to share.

First off, it has been rather unpleasant to read some of the comments out there on the interwebs bashing Manny Malhotra.  Why the Buckeyeness, simply because he doesn’t play here anymore?  I mean, he didn’t ask to leave the team.  It was the same crap with Zherdev, who also didn’t ask to leave here.  Only one player publicly and arrogantly said he was through playing here and that is the current captain of the Colorado team.  Darryl Sydor kind of left under questionable circumstances, but that was during the Doug MacLean era and nobody had a clue as to what was going on then.  Anyway, back off Manny.  He and his wife were cheerful and tireless volunteers during his time here and never (to my knowledge) said “no” to a charitable cause.

What’s up with the new look of Jeff Rimer?  Is he worried that the handsome (in a manly way) Bill Davidge will get all the attention?  Did he get hair plugs in the off-season?  If I were a puck bunny, I would be on the alert when he walks into a bar.

And since I had to watch the game, I missed Danny Gare shout “Ka-boomski” when play was analyzed.  It’s just not the same, but maybe Davidge will come up with a new catch-phrase.

How about the Puck-raker comments about the Blue Jackets scheduling opening night at the same time as the OSU-Indiana game?  Folks, the Buckeyes (or Indiana) changed the game time about three weeks ago.  The new starting time was done to accommodate all of the OSU fans to give them extra driving time.  Plus, they could get a day in working the Indiana slots before kickoff.

I’m a DirecTV customer who is without Versus during the pissing contest the two media giants are currently having.  That means I missed most of the games over the weekend except for the Canadian broadcasts and the West Coast NHL games.  But you know, I would rather do without them than give one more cent to Comcast, owner of Versus.  Who needs who?  Versus is a product of the satellite TV industry and couldn’t even find a home on most cable companies before they stumbled on the NHL broadcast rights.  By the way, did you know that Comcast owns the Flyers?  No conflict in that one, is there Gary?

Finally, I hope the flu that spread to Mike Commodore’s groin goes away quickly.  I wonder where they are going to inject the H1N1 vaccine.  It makes me cringe to think about that one.

Colorado Overdoses On Stupid Pills

A simple cut and paste is all that is needed…

Foote named Captain of Avs

Friday, 09.11.2009 / 4:58 PM / 2009 NHL Offseason News


The Colorado Avalanche Hockey Club announced today that defenseman Adam Foote has been named team captain for the 2009-10 season.

“I’m honored to be named Avalanche captain,” said Foote. “I’ve been with this franchise for the majority of my career and I know what the standards are here. I look forward to the challenge of leading this team, starting with training camp and heading into the regular season.”

Foote will become only the second captain in Avalanche history, joining Joe Sakic. Overall, Foote is just the ninth different captain in the franchise’s 30-year history in the National Hockey League.

“We feel Adam’s leadership skills and veteran presence will make him a great captain,” said Avalanche Head Coach Joe Sacco.  “He has been with this organization for a long time and he truly deserves our trust to lead this team at the present time.”

State Of Hockey

No, I’m not talking about Minnesota.  No, I’m thinking of the NHL and how it just can’t seem to get its act together.  Lets start with:

Jerry Reinsdorf, the Chicago sports entrepreneur whom the NHL was counting on to keep the Phoenix Coyotes away from Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie, has dropped his $148-million (all currency U.S.) bid for the club, just as the NHL announced it has filed one of its own.  more

Is this a setup or what?  Did Bettman call Reinsdorf up and ask him to do put in his phony bid to keep Jim Balsillie out of the NHL, or did they work it out some other way?  And it makes me think of how clumsy the Blue Jackets have been with their attempt to get get a bailout from Franklin County.  Columbus asked the NHL for advice with this issue and so far, the only visible action has been the publishing of the County Commissioners telephone and email information.  Maybe the Jackets should look for different advice, or better yet, do some creative thinking.

And then there is this little TV issue:

Despite the looming threat of its American rights-holder disappearing from the channel lineup of the nation’s largest satellite provider, the NHL seems not the least bit interested in the ongoing dispute that could lead to VERSUS disappearing from DirecTV on Sept. 1.  more

And what is with Puck-rakers trying to stir things up with Nikita Filatov?

If Nikita Filatov’s bid to gain meaningful minutes with the Blue Jackets this season wasn’t among the most intriguing storylines of training camp it certainly is now.

Filatov told a Russian publication that he’s receiving lucrative offers to play in the Kontinental Hockey League, but that he wouldn’t consider them unless he was getting little or no ice time with the Jackets this season.  more

Who cares?  This is how the newspaper covers the Buckeyes and it is really juvenile.  Filatov is all of 19 years old and therefore he says things a 19 year-old would say.  Of course he wants playing time and he thinks he is ready and he is looking at all options.  This kind of reporting would be more meaningful if the paper covered the team the same way when Doug MacLean ran things or Adam Foote was being surly.  But no, they just printed whatever Doug said or Adam didn’t say.  Give it rest, Puck-rakers.  Or at least put it in proper perspective. He is not angling for more ice time or money in the press.  He is smart enough to know that he needs to perform on the ice.

Connor Murphy (assistant coach Gord Murphy’s son) had five points in the recently concluded Under-17 world tournament.  Not bad, kid.

The Capital Hockey Conference will have two new members this year:  Bishop Watterson and Bishop Moeller.  That’s right, the most arrogant high school athletic program in Ohio will be playing in the CHC.  And also good luck to Watterson, who is taking the plunge and going full varsity this year.  It won’t be pretty, but things will get better.  Look at Dublin Jerome, which jumped right into hockey its first year as a school and won the Blue Jacket Cup the next season.  The CHC web site is not up-to-date, but you can check things out here.