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Puttin’ on the hurt!

Voracek Goal #2And I mean that literally, St. Louis.  For you lost a hockey game and TJ Oshie.  Plus some pride.  I have to admit that I did not have a lot of confidence going into Nationwide last night, hoping that the Blue Jackets could score their usual three goals and hold St. Louis to only two.

The Jackets didn’t do much wrong last night and the Blues’ defense didn’t do much right.  They reminded me of the Jacket defense of last season, slow and prone to turnovers.  Yes, I know they were without Barret Jackman, a man who thinks that hitting someone from behind is the way to play.  When he retires, he is going to open up the Checking From Behind Hockey School.  The jerseys for the students won’t have numbers on the back.

The only negative aspect of the game was that Derek Dorsett can’t remember that Ken Hitchock is no longer coaching the team.  When you have a seven goal lead and things have calmed down in the final minutes of the game, Derek, you’re supposed to ease up and plan for the next outing against the Blues.  You’re weren’t playing D League hockey against a co-ed team where the local custom is to celebrate every goal and trash talk.

I don’t want to read too much into the game last night because it’s still early and things happen quickly in hockey, especially bad things, but that was an impressive win and a confidence builder for me.  I can’t make the game Friday, but the Jackets have a good chance against an injured Colorado team.

I’m sure Mason will start the game and I hope he can put together back-to-back wins.  He had some good saves last night, he had some good luck with St. Louis missing the net a lot, and he also had the misfortune of a Fedor Tyutin giveaway for the only St. Louis goal.

After Colorado, it will be three tough games on the U.S. West Coast.  Three points would be nice, four better, and five unbelievable.

Again, last night was something.  A total team effort.  Great job from the old man Clark, from Brassard showing that he is what he is supposed to be, from Voracek getting the monkey off his back, from Filatov showing some toughness, and on and on.  As we used to say in Detroit, Bless you boys!



Two in a row is nice, but lets meet next week at this time for a reality check.

That’s what I posted last Saturday morning.  So, since that time, the team has gone back to losing again.  Not just losing, but failing to show up, to play NHL hockey, to give me something to cheer for. Let me know if I missed anything.

DIV GP W L OT Pts GF GA Home Away L10 Streak
1 CEN 47 32 11 4 68 155 102 21-5-1 11-6-3 7-2-1 Won 1
2 PAC 48 30 10 8 68 153 121 14-4-6 16-6-2 7-2-1 Lost 1
3 NW 47 26 15 6 58 138 134 11-6-2 15-9-4 6-4-0 Won 2
4 CEN 47 28 16 3 59 136 132 14-9-1 14-7-2 6-4-0 Won 2
5 PAC 48 27 16 5 59 125 118 17-7-2 10-9-3 4-3-3 Won 1
6 NW 47 26 15 6 58 126 114 12-9-3 14-6-3 6-3-1 Lost 1
7 NW 47 27 18 2 56 149 117 18-7-1 9-11-1 6-2-2 Lost 2
8 PAC 47 26 18 3 55 139 130 12-8-2 14-10-1 4-6-0 Won 1
9 CEN 46 24 16 6 54 118 117 14-7-2 10-9-4 6-3-1 Won 1
10 NW 48 24 21 3 51 131 140 16-6-1 8-15-2 5-5-0 Lost 1
11 PAC 47 19 17 11 49 134 152 12-5-5 7-12-6 3-7-0 Lost 3
12 PAC 48 21 20 7 49 133 150 14-8-2 7-12-5 6-4-0 Lost 1
13 CEN 46 20 19 7 47 120 131 8-14-3 12-5-4 3-5-2 Won 3
14 CEN 49 18 22 9 45 125 161 10-7-5 8-15-4 4-4-2 Lost 2
15 NW 46 16 25 5 37 126 155 9-13-3 7-12-2 1-8-1 Lost 3

Big Win In The Big D

A nice win for the Blue Jackets last night in Dallas.  All of the CBJ goals came on special teams, including a short-handed beauty by Kristian Huselius in the first period with less than one second on the clock.  Juice’s goal should shut the commenters up on some of the local blogs, although this morning they are rightfully pissed off about the James Neal hit on Derek Dorsett.  I won’t post the video, but it is all over the web if you want to watch.  Neal was given a five and game and will probably face a hearing and more discipline.  The play will add to the criticism that NHL officiating has been getting lately, adding on to the number of issues facing the game.  I joked last week about Rick Nash doing a D League move on his shootout goal, but Neal copied a D (or E) League move with his hit from behind.  So we’ll see what happens, but I care more about Dorsett recovering than I do Neal getting a suspension.

I suppose we can look forward to Tom Sestito having a busy night in Nashville.  I say that without sarcasm, because the Predators (and Jordan Tootoo) play a lot tougher at home than they do on the road.  The PIM’s in the first period could be high on Saturday.  Opposing teams now think the Jackets are soft without Nikita Filatov in the lineup.

Nice Shot

But I think this is fake.

NHL Wrap Up 5/12/09

Get Your Hate On!

Boston 4, Carolina 2.  Just like the Blue Jackets, you give up two goals in the first few minutes of the game, and it is almost impossible to come back and win the game, maybe the series.

Detroit 1, Anaheim 2.  Both teams are having attorneys make sure their HMO’s are paid and up to date for game seven.

Predictions, Round 2


Carolina vs. Boston.  I’m going to say Boston in five.  How can Carolina top their stunning win over New Jersey?  By beating Boston, of course, but that will not be easy.  The Bruins are tough, hungry, and maybe have the right ingredients to be the finals.

Pittsburgh vs. Washington.  Washington in seven.  This is Bettman’s dream, two of the best and most well-known players in the world going at each other.  It will help promote the game because his TV contract generates less interest than my bank.  I think the Caps will play similar to how they did against the Rangers, slowly and carelessly at the start, but figure out things out after the second game.roulette_wheel


Anaheim vs. Detroit.  Detroit in seven, but this one might be the upset.  If Tomas Holmstrom thought he was beat up by Rusty Klesla, he is going to cry like a seventh grader after Pronger is through with him.  This one will be bloody, just like the Sharks’ fans are.

Vancouver vs. Chicago.  Chicago in six.  The Blackhawks are a year ahead of the Blue Jackets (and should be watched, Columbus) and I think their youth and speed, along with their talent, will get them by a slower Canuck team.  We in Columbus marvel at the accomplishments of young Steve Mason, but Jonathan Toews is the same age and is in his second year as captain!  By the way, look for the the Hawks to buzz all around Roberto Luongo every time the puck is in his zone.

Next Stop, St. Louis

Last night was one of those rare times when not only did the Blue Jackets defeat a key Western Conference opponent, but other teams lost some crucial games; Vancouver, Nashville, Edmonton, and Dallas. It was a great night all around.

Did Jordan Tootoo get his revenge on Brad Staubitz last night?  It was at home, which is Tootoo’s favorite place to get tough.  Staubitz must have been facing Tootoo whenver he was on the ice, because Tootoo isn’t known for hitting people when they face him.  Kind of like Dion Phaneuf.

Tonight, Colorado hosts Vancouver.  Time for Adam Foote to show his legendary leadership and will his team to victory.  “The Avalanche (31-41-2) have been the NHL’s worst team over the last five weeks, with a 3-11-1 record over that span. They’ve lost five straight …”  as of today.  It’s no coincidence that Columbus improved after he left while Colorado fell behind.

Nationwide is a great place and the fans are terrific, but a few haven’t figured out that if the they have seat number that is less than ten, then they should enter and exit on that side, usually the right.  That way, as I enjoy the game from my seat numbered 15, I won’t have to get up during the game while you come in from my left to find your seat, number four.  And if you do that during the playoffs, please bring a note from your mother excusing you for being a dumb shit.

I heard that there are not very many playoff tickets left.  If so, that is terrific.  If not, you better get yours ordered as soon as possible.  If they make the playoffs.  It’s not official yet despite what The Dispatch says.

If Doug MacLean were still here, would he draft B.J. Mullens?  That would be the kind of stunt he would pull.

And speaking of MacLean, was anyone out there able to catch any of Sportsnet last night?  They cover the Flames and Dougie is a studio guy for the network.  I’m sure that while he talked up the Flames last night, he also took all the credit for the success of the Blue Jackets.

Good luck OSU tomorrow against Boston University, the #1 team in college hockey.