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Puttin’ on the hurt!

Voracek Goal #2And I mean that literally, St. Louis.  For you lost a hockey game and TJ Oshie.  Plus some pride.  I have to admit that I did not have a lot of confidence going into Nationwide last night, hoping that the Blue Jackets could score their usual three goals and hold St. Louis to only two.

The Jackets didn’t do much wrong last night and the Blues’ defense didn’t do much right.  They reminded me of the Jacket defense of last season, slow and prone to turnovers.  Yes, I know they were without Barret Jackman, a man who thinks that hitting someone from behind is the way to play.  When he retires, he is going to open up the Checking From Behind Hockey School.  The jerseys for the students won’t have numbers on the back.

The only negative aspect of the game was that Derek Dorsett can’t remember that Ken Hitchock is no longer coaching the team.  When you have a seven goal lead and things have calmed down in the final minutes of the game, Derek, you’re supposed to ease up and plan for the next outing against the Blues.  You’re weren’t playing D League hockey against a co-ed team where the local custom is to celebrate every goal and trash talk.

I don’t want to read too much into the game last night because it’s still early and things happen quickly in hockey, especially bad things, but that was an impressive win and a confidence builder for me.  I can’t make the game Friday, but the Jackets have a good chance against an injured Colorado team.

I’m sure Mason will start the game and I hope he can put together back-to-back wins.  He had some good saves last night, he had some good luck with St. Louis missing the net a lot, and he also had the misfortune of a Fedor Tyutin giveaway for the only St. Louis goal.

After Colorado, it will be three tough games on the U.S. West Coast.  Three points would be nice, four better, and five unbelievable.

Again, last night was something.  A total team effort.  Great job from the old man Clark, from Brassard showing that he is what he is supposed to be, from Voracek getting the monkey off his back, from Filatov showing some toughness, and on and on.  As we used to say in Detroit, Bless you boys!


Not A Viral Video

Got my video from John McConnell yesterday and I don’t think it will go viral.  In fact, I doubt if it did much to settle the nerves of the locals.  To summarize, hey, the team tried but did not live up to expectations, the slump made us stronger, it’s not fair that we have a bad lease, it’s taking way too long to fix my problems because I’ve had to lawyer up, I want to stay in Columbus, and wait until you see our third jersey.

Pascal Leclaire, that was great last night and we in Columbus knew you could play like a champion.  Congratulations.

I’m just so glad Tim Tebow is gone now and I won’t have to worry about the Blue Jackets drafting him.

Has Kevin Dineen been hired yet?  Because we need a no nonsense coach in place, someone like Ken Hitchcock.  I need more time on this one.

Filatov said he will come to camp.  Won’t it be great if Hitch is still with the organization at that time and he is doing some consultin’ then?  If I’m Filatov, I better start to work on chipping the puck off the glass right now!

Is Nationwide still on our side?

Speaking Of Filatov

Nikita Filatov: “I am determined to return to the NHL next year. Surely the salaries are better in the KHL, but overseas the level of play is higher. I’ll try to make the first team in the NHL.  more

I wonder if he can make the Jackets, which he did not mention.  Do you think he could make the Jackets, or is facing an uphill battle against Nick Holdon?


This one is at Beyond the Blueshirts, a Rangers blog.  It is crazy and interesting at the same time.  And if I were the Rangers, and death is not an option, I would sign Zherdev before I would extend Sather and Tortorella.

The article’s author, Igor Larin, fuels speculation by including the the following (unsourced) note after Nazarov’s comment: “According to some reports, the president of the Rangers is interested in Nikolai Zherdev from Atlant.”

That remark is likely to be met with mixed reactions by Rangers fans.  A year ago Zherdev was the co-leader in scoring in New York, but a late season scoring slump cast a pall over that accomplishment.  Once the season ended, the Rangers extended a $3.2 million qualifying offer to the restricted free agent, only to have Zherdev turn it down and take the team to arbitration.  When the arbitrator awarded the Ukranian-born winger a $3.9 million, one year deal, the club opted to walk away.

Get ready for the Filatov circus.


Tonight will be last game that I attend this season.  I’ll be out of town for several weekends over the next two months, playing in adult and college alumni tournaments.  I hope to blog more about the Blue Jackets, but as you probably have guessed, my heart just hasn’t been in it this season.  But I do want to say something here;  I hope the Jackets play hard in each remaining game and win.  Because if they don’t play to win, then they are cheating all of us.

Giving up on the remaining games just to get a better draft pick is not the right thing to do.  Do you really think a marginal player on the team would play below his abilities so the team can land a player who will then challenge him for his roster spot next season?  A pro athlete has no job security at all.  I know, most of us don’t, either.  But if a player gets on the wrong side of Claude Noel or Scott Howson while in Columbus, their worst fear is that they end up in another organization where the old-boy NHL network has Noel or Howson or one of their buddies in place.  The hockey world is a small place, after all.

No, I want the Jackets playing to win.  And that means on and off the ice.  I want the scouts to find the best players out there and the coaches to work hard with those individuals to make them good NHL players.  The CBJ organization has to be honest and get the right players.  Everybody in the world knew that Ken Hitchcock was not going to play Nikita Filatov, so why did they even draft him?  There are plenty of 30 year-old 6’3″ 220 pound players available.  With the young guys now playing regularly under Claude Noel, I wonder how things would be if Filatov was still in town.  Look how well Kris Russell is doing now with a coach who trusts him and you have an idea.

You may think that I am endorsing Noel for the coaching job, but that is not the case.  I’m sorry to say that the team needs to try someone else and for that matter, to clear out the assistants, too.  Hire someone who Howson trusts and can work with and allow that person bring in his own staff.  Because the clock is ticking on the franchise.

Next hockey season should be interesting in Columbus because we will have two new coaches here, one for the Blue Jackets and one for the Buckeyes.  If OSU hires the right guy and the Jackets do more of the same old same old, Ohio State could grab the hockey buzz in Central Ohio and help send the Jackets packing.

A Post

I don’t know what title I should use for a post about the latest loss.  I can’t believe that:

1.  A coaching change has not been made.

2.  A player of note, such as Mason, Huselius, Filatov, Russell, or any of the other starters, excluding Rick Nash, has not been traded.

3.  A public spat has not broken out among the players and staff.

4.  Ken Hitchcock has adopted Tressel-ball for the Blue Jackets.

5.  Background noises have not been made about the team packing up a leaving Columbus.

As for #1, if this was any other city or franchise, the coach would have been out the door.  In regards to #2, a trade of some kind would show the team and fans that winning needs to happen NOW, not next year.  It’s pretty amazing that everybody is saying nice things about each other in public and the press/media is buying it.  Hitch must figure that since Jim Tressel is content to win with a touchdown and field goals, the hockey team could get by with a single goal, 10-12 shots per game, and wait-it-out defensive game.  As for #5, it won’t be long on that one.

Back At Home

Nikita Filatov has probably landed now and no doubt enjoying his favorite food and listening to his favorite music, which I just happened to find.

It’s a band from the Ukraine called Los Colorados [mighty name] doing a cover of Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”. Fun fact: the lead singer of the band, Ruslan Prystupa, didn’t even speak English at the time this was recorded. And probably still doesn’t; that’s how they roll over there.

Good luck, Nik.  Hope to see you light up the NHL real soon.