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Puttin’ on the hurt!

Voracek Goal #2And I mean that literally, St. Louis.  For you lost a hockey game and TJ Oshie.  Plus some pride.  I have to admit that I did not have a lot of confidence going into Nationwide last night, hoping that the Blue Jackets could score their usual three goals and hold St. Louis to only two.

The Jackets didn’t do much wrong last night and the Blues’ defense didn’t do much right.  They reminded me of the Jacket defense of last season, slow and prone to turnovers.  Yes, I know they were without Barret Jackman, a man who thinks that hitting someone from behind is the way to play.  When he retires, he is going to open up the Checking From Behind Hockey School.  The jerseys for the students won’t have numbers on the back.

The only negative aspect of the game was that Derek Dorsett can’t remember that Ken Hitchock is no longer coaching the team.  When you have a seven goal lead and things have calmed down in the final minutes of the game, Derek, you’re supposed to ease up and plan for the next outing against the Blues.  You’re weren’t playing D League hockey against a co-ed team where the local custom is to celebrate every goal and trash talk.

I don’t want to read too much into the game last night because it’s still early and things happen quickly in hockey, especially bad things, but that was an impressive win and a confidence builder for me.  I can’t make the game Friday, but the Jackets have a good chance against an injured Colorado team.

I’m sure Mason will start the game and I hope he can put together back-to-back wins.  He had some good saves last night, he had some good luck with St. Louis missing the net a lot, and he also had the misfortune of a Fedor Tyutin giveaway for the only St. Louis goal.

After Colorado, it will be three tough games on the U.S. West Coast.  Three points would be nice, four better, and five unbelievable.

Again, last night was something.  A total team effort.  Great job from the old man Clark, from Brassard showing that he is what he is supposed to be, from Voracek getting the monkey off his back, from Filatov showing some toughness, and on and on.  As we used to say in Detroit, Bless you boys!


Déjà vu again

As of this morning, the Jackets have played 27 games, earned 25 points, and have 55 games remainining in the season.  To make the play-offs, which may not be the financial answer or re-generative accomplishment for the team in the current depression recession, they will have to win about 33 games to hit the magical 90 point mark for the season.  I’m looking and looking and have yet to see how this is going to happen.

Sixty-five points is a tall order to ask of this team.  To do that, the team would have to hit the 20% mark on the power play, take far fewer penalties, have Rick Nash score 50 goals or more, the rest of the team start scoring enough to raise the goals per game average above 3.0, and hope that some of the teams ahead of them start to fade.  Nash might hit 40 goals if he stays healthy and converts more, but I only see Kristian Huselius as someone else who can step up.  Derick Brassard is a rookie and hasn’t played a full NHL season.  It only gets tougher for him as the season goes on. Hitchcock has already lost some of his confidence in Jakub Voracek and cut his ice time.

The power play can’t get much worse and the law of averages tells me that they will start to improve, maybe hit the 15% mark.  It would have been nice to see the team convert more of their early chances, which would have put them higher in the standings with a few more wins.

As for the teams ahead of them, there is some hope.  Colorado is an aging team that has probably lost Joe Sakic for the seaon.  They will find victories harder to come by unless their goaltending improves, their defense plays better, and a few players step up to make up for the loss of Sakic.

Los Angeles is much-improved this season, but they have a lot of youth and journeymen who may not be up to a playoff drive.  Remember the Blue Jackets from last year?

Phoenix?  Edmonton?  St. Louis?  Can these three teams really be better than the Jackets?  Phoenix seems to have control over Columbus, buying the rights to have their way with the Jackets from Nashville.  And that is where we stand today, at the bottom, but with Nashville coming into Nationwide tonight.

The Blue Jackets have to beat Nashville tonight, to move up in the standings while dropping the Predators down, and to show themselves and the fans that the hex is broken, that the Jackets have put that behind them and can handle Nashville as if they are a regular NHL team.  For the 9,000 fans who show up tonight, they need to be assured that seeing the Predators on the schedule is not an automatic LOSS.

It will be interesting tonight.  The team is almost playing as if it was 2003 again, that Christmas is coming and the Blue Jackets are leaving.  A loss tonight and a split with Chicago and the Islanders over the weekend can be a season killer.

Déjà vu indeed.