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OK, we had a healthy discussion about my blog and I really appreciate ALL of the comments, even those that said I was an idiot.

I won’t make the game tonight because of hockey work, but I’ll watch it when I return, probably Monday.  Things are positive at the moment, but we’ll all know more when we play St. Louis, Nashville, and Detroit.  If the Jackets can at least split those series’, we have something worth getting excited about.

Returning to this blog.  Do I pick on The Dispatch?  Yes, I do.  I would pick on our local TV stations too, but they don’t really cover hockey.  Unless Jim Tressel goes to a game.  (And really, do we want Mindy Drayer involved with hockey?)  Is there a second local print media covering the team?  No, we have the benefit of living in a one paper town.  And I give a professional courtesy to all local bloggers, no matter how much bullshit they write.  Because without them, there would be no coverage or discussion of hockey in this town.

Every time I hear someone tell me about all the hockey fans in this area, I look at OSU hockey to say, no, there really aren’t that many fans here.  Last night, with no CBJ game scheduled, no OSU football this weekend, the hockey Buckeyes had their home opener.  There could not have been more than 1,000 fans in the building, counting the band.  All the boys scouts helped swell the numbers, but really, where were the hockey fans?  Parking is FREE and the you can get a seat for a fraction of what it costs at Nationwide.  You can’t have a beer, but I hear that students can help you get around that.

So I will continue to blog about hockey and at the same time rant against The Dispatch whenever I feel it is warranted.  I wish nothing but success for the team and the best sports journalism that The Dispatch can offer.


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