Brassard and Montreal Media

A big deal about nothing. But just the same, Aaron Portzline, the man who thinks endlessly about trades the Jackets should make and spent way too much time pushing Kevin Dineen for the coaching job, is jealous.  Portzline wants to be the guy who trips up the Jacket players.  The guy who didn’t say a word while Doug MacLean was killing the team, the reporter who told us that Adam Foote was a weasel but couldn’t offer proof, that guy.


8 responses to “Brassard and Montreal Media

  1. you’re an idiot. the dispatch isn’t great but making that argument from a platform of lunacy is unconvincing and comical.

    before you say, “why are you following my blog if you don’t like what I say”, know that I am now no longer following your blog.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mr. Sucks. Even though my advertising revenues will decrease with the loss of another reader, I’ll find a way to carry on.

  3. Your last four blog entries have centered on Dispatch coverage. And you think they’re obsessed? Instead of insulting one reader who actually responded to your writing, how about actually getting involved in what is turning into a pretty interesting hockey season? I’d really like a good reason to continue visiting your blog, but you’re not doing much to provide one.

  4. Sorry, three of your last four.

  5. Pete, I was insulted by being told my blog sucks, if you want to know.

    If you go back four years ago, when this was part of End of the Bench, an early objective was how The Dispatch covered the team. Drew and I were concerned about The Dispatch having a stake in the team and the coverage that they provided. Keep in mind that this was during the years of Doug MacLean, who got a way with a lot of stuff that still hurts the team on and off the ice.

    So yes, I have continued this type of blogging, critical coverage of The Dispatch and the way they cover the team. I also blog about The Dispatch at other sites about the way they cover politics. I have written critical pieces on the other local news outlets, like WCMH and their lack of coverage.

    I did not grow up here, moving to Central Ohio in 1997. I chose this area because I was facing a move to Detroit at that time (from Chicago) and was excited about the new NHL team and the local hockey organizations. But this is a one paper town and we only get to hear what The Dispatch chooses to tell us. We had three newspapers to read for hockey coverage and the sport got more than one a week reports from local TV in Chicago.

    I thought the Kevin Dineen stuff was way over the top and said so. I think the constant chatter about what free agents or players are available is not good for hockey fans. It distracts us from what the team actually is and doesn’t even address the fact that many of these free agents/players don’t have any desire to come here.

    Having said all this, I offer one excuse. Since I posted that piece, the team has put on an impressive run and things look better. I’ve been slower to post this season because of work and other stuff, but I now have something else to blog about.

    I sincerely appreciate the thoughts and comments of everyone. I’ll be posting on the recent activities soon, but if The Dispatch writes anything about how good Sheldon Souray would fit here, you can figure on an anti-Dispatch piece.

  6. Thanks for your thorough and well-considered reply.

    I arrived in 1967 to attend OSU and have been here ever since. The birth of the CBJ and the significance of that to the emergence of Columbus as a “major league city” has been one of the highlights of my time here. I have many bones to pick with the Dispatch in many areas of coverage and policy, but the amount of attention and quality of reporting on the NHL is not one of them. We can differ on matters of opinion and perspective, but I think a look around the league will show that the Jackets get as much, if not more, coverage than most of the more established NHL team. For that, as well as for the dedicated bloggers who share my passion for the team and the sport, I’m very grateful.

  7. Personally, I like the fact that someone is willing to call them out on these issues (yes, the Dineen fanwagon was atrocious). What’s ironic, is that they lash out at online media versus “upping” their game. I’ve heard them say that they are not fans of the team, because they have to remain unbiased. I call bull$**t. Their articles have proved that they have an agenda, however perverse it is.

    Bottom line? Keep on keeping on. I’ll continue to read because I like and happen to agree with most of what you have to say.

  8. Thank, Rick. I really touched a nerve on this one.

    I read your blog all the time and like the detail that you go into. And I think you’ll be going into detail as the Jackets start to play Central Division rivals like St. Louis, Nashville, and of course, Detroit.

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