“Nothing to see here, move along!”

I ain’t blogging what can’t be blogged.  It’s been two weeks since my last post, but the team is about as interesting as … you tell me.  I’ve been to the Anaheim game and the Philadelphia game and even though both were victories, I couldn’t wait to get home to turn on the television and watch a real hockey game.

I’m not alone, either.  Puck-Rakers has gone to posting every other day, too.  Yesterday, they even borrowed a Bob Hunter piece about U. of Minnesota football and ran with that.  By the way, Bob, nice thoughts, but you know what?  Maybe the ticket prices for CBJ hockey (and Wild hockey) are too damn high!  Maybe people who love hockey like yours truly can’t justify spending the money that our local team is asking for what they put on the ice. Sure, winning would solve a lot of the problems, but in the meantime, how about a reasonable price for your product?  You charge the right price, you could solve a number of issues, including the gauntlet of scalpers that attack everyone who heads to Nationwide.


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