Rob Oller Speaks! About The Blue Jackets!

I can’t say that we were not warned about this morning’s column from Rob Oller, a sportswriter at The Dispatch who is sometimes forced to cover non-OSU events.  And last night was one of those nights when Ray Stein, Sports Editor of The Dispatch and a man who has to think about many, many sports, some of them also non-OSU things, sent Rob Oller to Nationwide Arena to watch the local hockey team play an exhibition game and then tell us what needs to be done.

Well, Rob Oller did not disappoint those of us who read about hockey.  We are all fortunate to read a bland, meaningless piece about how the youngsters have to deliver now.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Anyway, Rob Oller provides us with his special insights, telling us how Ken Hitchcock used to coach some of these youngsters and he did not like having them on the ice together.  Rob Oller loved Ken Hitchcock because Hitch was the local coach who most closely reminded him of Woody Hayes.

Anyway, as is the case, Rob Oller does not tell us anything we didn’t already know.  He doesn’t expand upon anything that he (and the rest of us) observed last night.  He didn’t say that the youngsters must produce this year because Scott Howson did not attempt to sign anyone else.  He did not say that Jacket fans are waiting to see this year if Nikita Filatov really is a genuine NHL player, or if Derick Brassard is more than a potential journeyman player.

It would have been nice to read something informative for the occasional hockey fan.  Something that says, hey, I know most of my readers couldn’t care less about the Blue Jackets, but really, you should get out and see them this season because they are going to let these kids show their stuff.  And these kids have the credentials to be good NHL players, so they might be entertaining.  So instead of having a 24 hour tailgate party this weekend, maybe you should get down to Nationwide this Friday to see these young guys face the Pittsburgh Penguins.

No, Rob Oller just mailed it in this morning.  He told us that the kids did OK, but the future is not predictable yet.  No need to take your mind off Eastern Michigan University and their impending slaughter.

I can’t wait until next season when Rob Oller is forced to cover the local hockey team again.


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