CBJ Business Prospects

I will be posting more on this in the upcoming weeks, but my immediate thoughts are not good.  Seven thousand season tickets? And you know, only half of those are full season packages.  The rest are half season packs and other specials, combined to forty game counts to come up with the 7,000 number.

Maybe the team should have lowered the price of tickets this year, just a bit, to show the fans that the team would put some skin in the game and tell the fans that yes, things were bad last season, but we are so confident that they will improve in 2010 that we lowered our prices to get you into Nationwide to see for yourself.

Or maybe they should hire a local blogger or two, have them post on the official team site, comparing and contrasting our team to the others in the Western Conference.  You know, get out the story that hey, Nashville did not improve this year, so we should be able to compete with them, and you know what, our team is probably better than Dallas and Minnesota and maybe Anaheim.  Other teams do that.  So we should have better odds to make the playoffs right out of the gate.

The Jackets tell me that they’re working on this, but the truth is the team is surrendering to reality.  We’re small market, so what do you expect?  And we can’t get anybody excited about us because of Ohio State, so why bother to make noise?  Hey, we have one real all-star, Rick Nash, but that’s it.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  I wish the McConnell family would sell the team to someone in Columbus who will try or do things differently.  Someone who can focus on hockey instead of treating the team as part of their portfolio.  Our local university churns out lots of sports business majors every year and I’ll bet that a few of them, with their fresh ideas and youth and enthusiasm and desire to stay in Columbus, would work for pennies compared to some big-time hockey consultant group.

It all comes down to money.  The team will make more money by selling more tickets, and you sell more tickets when you give people a reason to buy them.  It won’t be much fun for the players hitting the ice at Nationwide in front of only 10,000 people.

So if I could run the team, I would clean out a lot of the non-hockey business people and try some new things.  After I call Nationwide up and say get me a new lease or we’re out of here.


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