Typo’s and iPads

Sorry about all of the typo’s that have appeared in this blog lately.  I bought an iPad this summer and have had trouble using the keyboard.  I’m not casting aspersions on the iPad, but just letting you know that my fat fingers are not an easy fit for the soft keypad that comes with it.  I thoroughly enjoy it and think it is one of the best gadgets I’ve ever purchased.

It would be nice if WordPress had a native iPad application, hint hint.  But since this blog is a web app, I can live with it.

Now about those season ticket sales at Nationwide.  I was thinking of taking my iPad to a few games this season, but with all the open seats that are going to be available, I’ll take my desktop computer instead and just set up a normal workspace.


2 responses to “Typo’s and iPads

  1. With all the room available, you could take a team of scribes to write down your e every word, along with a full complement of attendants and assorted hangers-on! Could be quite a sight!

  2. I don’t want to be negative, but they can’t survive here with these kind of ticket numbers.

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