Mark Hurd joins Oracle (non-hockey)

Oracle Corp. named Mark Hurd co-president and appointed him to its board of directors, heightening the rivalry between the software company and Hewlett-Packard Co., the technology giant Mr. Hurd ran as chief executive until departing amid a scandal last month.

The company also said that Charles Phillips, one of two co-presidents and a board member, has resigned. Mr. Phillips made headlines with his own missteps this year at Oracle. Safra Catz, Oracle’s other co-president, will remain in that role.

Mr. Hurd will report to CEO Larry Ellison, who founded Oracle more than 30 years ago. The Wall Street Journal on Sunday first reported that Mr. Hurd was in talks to join Oracle in a top executive role.

If you don’t know anything about Oracle, here are some basic facts.  The president and founder, Larry Ellison, has been married quite a few times but that has never stopped him from enjoying himself.  And Chuck Phillips, a president of Oracle, has had some documented issues with his personal life, too.  Mark Hurd, he also likes to have fun, but made the mistake of having his former employer, Hewlett Packard, pay for the services of his “friend.”  So now can you imagine Larry and Mark now working together in Silicon Valley?  I see a lot of business trips to Thailand at Oracle.  Can’t wait to see all the new “hires” at the company.


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