Coming Back

Dispatches from Columbus is coming back in the next several days.  I’ve been pretty busy with lack of work, family, and hockey.  Most of these issues have been squared away and I can return to blogging again.  But there will be changes.

First, when I started this blog, my goal was to make it more than just a hockey blog.  I envisioned coverage of local culture, politics, and other sports.  Since the Blue Jackets seem to be on a collision course with mediocrity, moving to other topics will be easy.  I’ve tracked all the local hockey blogs and the big national ones and the numbers show a downturn in interest.  In regards to politics, the next two years promise to be pretty interesting.  Finally, this area of Ohio is becoming more diverse and dynamic with lots of things to blog about.

I’m not getting all mushy here.  I look forward to seeing more OSU hockey games this season because I let my lower bowl CBJ tickets expire.  I’m still officiating as much as I ever did and play on two teams, so my love of the sport has not diminished.  But after ten years and probably $100,000, I’ve had enough of our local brand of NHL entertainment.  I hope the team proves me wrong and shortsighted, but I don’t see much improvement for a few more years.

So I hope of all you understand and like the changes you’ll see.  I’m not going to do a worst case/best case scenario like Puck Rakers did on the upcoming season, although I think the worst case for the Jackets is that they don’t improve and the team leaves Columbus.  But I suppose Aaron Portzline was not permitted to write that.


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