Not A Viral Video

Got my video from John McConnell yesterday and I don’t think it will go viral.  In fact, I doubt if it did much to settle the nerves of the locals.  To summarize, hey, the team tried but did not live up to expectations, the slump made us stronger, it’s not fair that we have a bad lease, it’s taking way too long to fix my problems because I’ve had to lawyer up, I want to stay in Columbus, and wait until you see our third jersey.

Pascal Leclaire, that was great last night and we in Columbus knew you could play like a champion.  Congratulations.

I’m just so glad Tim Tebow is gone now and I won’t have to worry about the Blue Jackets drafting him.

Has Kevin Dineen been hired yet?  Because we need a no nonsense coach in place, someone like Ken Hitchcock.  I need more time on this one.

Filatov said he will come to camp.  Won’t it be great if Hitch is still with the organization at that time and he is doing some consultin’ then?  If I’m Filatov, I better start to work on chipping the puck off the glass right now!

Is Nationwide still on our side?


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