It’s Has To Be Dineen Says The Dispatch

I deliberately worded my headline so as not screw up all the search engines out there, making them think I have a scoop.  But what I want to ask is why The Dispatch wants Kevin Dineen to be the next coach? I mean, they ran the latest piece under Michael Arace, so it could be called “opinion”.  But you know The Dispatch, once they set their sights on something, they don’t easily give up until they get their way.  Anyone who doubts this needs to remember that a casino was supposed to be built in the Arena District, but our local newspaper decided that it needed to be located elsewhere.

But back to Kevin Dineen.  He is a decent person and has done a good job with Portland in the AHL.  I know this because The Dispatch has told me so.  And he was terrific player here in Columbus, when he wasn’t injured, playing on some awful Blue Jacket teams.  So, why interview anyone else?  Maybe Claude Noel, because after all The Dispatch wants to show that they are impartial journalists, giving equal time to all sides here, in the best “he said, she said” CNN style of telling both sides.  And they do own 10% of the team, as they have to disclose in every article.  That way John McConnell doesn’t get all the credit when things are going well, but that’s a whole other story.

This is all disturbing to me because once again The Dispatch is flexing it’s muscles, but as usual way too late to do any good.  The paper sat by while Doug MacLean ran the franchise into the ground and then reported to the world what a worthless piece of you know what he was AFTER he was let go.  And they kept quiet about how bad things were getting this past season until after Ken Hitchcock was let go.  You have to read websites and bloggers to know what is really happening on the team, not The Dispatch.  Sure, they throw you some bones now and then, like the financial issues that plague the team, but they never got around to asking Nikita Filatov how he felt about not playing or asking the same question of Scott Howson, the man who drafted him. Like real reporters would.

So now they are going all out, selling Kevin Dineen to us, telling us that we should get him hired soon.  What about the others, Dispatch?  They’re fine, too, but look Dineen is so good and time is wasting!  Look, Kevin Dineen probably is a superior candidate and has a lot of positives.  But a process needs to be followed here and that means hearing from more than two candidates.  It means consulting with people outside the organization to hear what they think the Blue Jackets need.  The way Dineen is being shoved at us, you would think that Doug MacLean is still in charge, doing whatever he pleases.


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