My Point Exactly

I don’t like to outright cut and paste from other bloggers, but this piece over at From The Rink was so good I had to.  It is just a paragraph, but it shows that the Blue Jackets (along with Edmonton) are not going anywhere until they start drafting and signing quality players.  And after these players are signed, they have to be brought along properly. The post is below and I apologize for the formatting, but just look at the numbers.  The parent club is not going to do well if the minor league team can’t send good players its way. The Pittsburgh Penguins also have had success at Wilkes-Barre, its top affiliate.

And by the way, both Washington and Pittsburgh grabbed their current head coaches from Hershey and Wilkes-Barre.  Again, this is in Scott Howson’s mind as he looks to hire a coach for his minor league affiliate.

Thank you, Derek Zona.

W L P Win Pct. Finish
Columbus Blue Jackets 32 50 79 .390 26th
Syracuse Crunch 34 46 75 .425 27th

The reign of Doug MacLean ended mostly in pain.  From February 11, 1998 – April 19, 2007 MacLean brought terror and agony to the Blue Jackets fanbase as Blue Jackets President and General Manager.  While MacLean managed to draft some good players, that’s nothing special, as he was drafting in the top ten each year because he could never get the Jackets out of the basement.  His strategy to build the team was to draft kids, get them to the NHL as fast as possible and throw them into the deep end and watch them drown. MacLean failed miserably in the rest of his duties and left the Blue Jackets in disarray.  Nine years was apparently enough for the Jackets’ owners and they dispatched MacLean and brought in Scott Howson to run the show.  While MacLean continued to snipe from his spot on the Sportsnet “expert” panel (how on earth is Doug MacLean considered an expert?!), Howson led the Blue Jackets to their best two season in franchise history until his goaltending unraveled on him in 2009-2010.  If the Blue Jackets can find a way to get even an average performance out of Steve Mason and his backup next season, they should be back in the playoff hunt.

The Crunch have suffered miserably because of MacLean’s strategies – there are few talented young players at the AHL level that can make a difference.  The relationship between the Crunch and the Jackets was strained to the point of Crunch ownership not wanting to reaffiliate with the Jackets.  The Jackets obliged and moved on.


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