The Jackets Lose …

… but some “fans” are absolutely ecstatic.  Tanking these few remaining games is their dream come true.  Thank goodness RJ Umberger took his cue from them and got that minor unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  The Red Wings were able to quickly capitalize and win the game.  I heard that for Friday’s season finale, Nationwide is going to unplug the scoreboard because the outcome is already decided.

Oh, excuse me, you say that this season sucks?  Well, where have you been since October 7, 2000?  I know, that’s not a fair question since you were a high school freshman back  then.

Seriously, can’t you at least wait until after the season to show the smile on your faces?  You already have it figured out, that the Jackets are going to draft a miracle player who will somehow magically make the team a playoff contender.  Forget the poor player development, the bad coaching, the draft picks who never panned out, because yes sir, this time it will be different.

I heard that season ticket sales are already on the rise because of this four game losing streak.  No?  That’s right, you don’t own PSL’s, you only complain about the people who own them in the lower bowl.

“In Hitch We Trust!”  I remember that one, it was what all the cool kids were saying back in November.

Enjoy your third jersey.

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