It’s Getting To Them

“Them” being the Dispatch writers who cover the Blue Jackets and blog about the team.  Yesterday, they blogged about a “moral victory” over Nashville, even though the Predators won the game, 1-0.  I was going to give the author, Aaron Portzline, the benefit of doubt on this one, figuring that he was more or less quoting coach Claude Noel.  But there wasn’t such a quote from Noel in the blog, so the moral victory must be a proclamation of Portzline.  And with that, you have to figure that the season is getting to them.

People, it has to be tough covering the Blue Jackets full-time.  The team peaked last April and has been circling the drain ever since.  Not only are things going badly on the ice, but off the ice, too.  The team stands to lose millions of dollars no matter what it does on the ice, all because of a bad lease.  The best guy to follow on the team was fired months ago and without Ken Hitchcock around, the team has no identity at all.  The superstar of the team, Rick Nash, showed during the Olympics that he truly is one of the best in the world, but back here at home he is simply above average.  The goaltender of the future might be just another goalie who saw his career go to pieces after a promising start with the Blue Jackets.  Give the Dispatch writers a break; it’s getting to them.

Most of the players on the team are signed for next year, with a few exceptions.  So what you see now is what you are stuck with.  Other than Nash, Kris Russell, Mason, and Jakub Voracek, who is in demand on the CBJ roster?  Yeah, tell me about Antoine Vermette, but name a #1 center or puck-moving defenseman that he would fetch.  This is your team, fans.  You’re stuck with it for next season, just like the we’re stuck with a horrible arena lease.  So when Aaron Portzline writes something that is really out there, think of what he has to do every day and be nice to him.  I love the game of hockey, but I don’t have to put on a happy face every time I watch a game.

Let’s get through the remaining games, draft a good player, maybe make a trade or two, hire a good coach, and move on.


3 responses to “It’s Getting To Them

  1. I don’t agree with your interpretation of that blog posting. The headline reads “Moral Victory?” Please note the punctuation. Then follows: “The day after the Blue Jackets suffered yet another loss in Nashville, interim coach Claude Noel proclaimed his club’s performance in a 1-0 overtime loss to the Predators to be the best game the Jackets have played since Noel took over for Ken Hitchcock.

    Hmmm. They didn’t win. They didn’t score. This might be a tough sell, even for the loquacious Noel.”

    That certainly doesn’t sound to me like AP is agreeing with Noel about the quality of the play. In fact, he sounds downright dubious about the proposition!

  2. Sorry about this late reply, Pete, but WordPress took the night off and didn’t tell me. Look, this is not a backtrack from me, and AP did not state that he bought into Noel’s proclamation. But the (Dispatch) blog could have used a different headline.

    I don’t envy the writers. They have a tough job to do that is even tougher this season. We (the public) do not know all of the personalities and/or relationships of the team and the press. I was hard on them during the MacLean years because I felt they let him get away with too much and that is when I started blogging about the team. They are more critical since MacLean left.

    I do hope that after the season, someone looks into this lost year and reports what happened. Such a story is needed because next year is not going to be much different.

  3. Agreed, TS, the beat guys are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. And I hate to think that next year will be more of the same, but I sure wouldn’t bet against it.

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