Somebody Had To Win

When the next-to-last place Blue Jackets play the last place Oilers, somebody has to win.  Fortunately, the locals won, 5-3.  Defense was optional for most of the night and it made for some interesting action, featuring some full length rushes by both teams.  Marc Methot even had a goal last night, an unexpected event.  And when somebody wins, that means somebody else has to lose.

And that would be John Markell, who was let go by OSU today after fifteen seasons.  John, (a friend of mine) knew this was going to happen and he took the news graciously.  I agree with those who say that OSU should be one of the top four teams in the CCHA, but I also think that it probably bugged the sh*t out of the OSU Athletic Department to see Miami have so much success.  Playing in an empty arena was also a bitter pill for the university to swallow, but that is due more to the low number of pure hockey fans in this area.  If it weren’t for Miami, Michigan, and Bowling Green, the total attendance would be even worse for OSU hockey, kind of like the Jackets depend upon Detroit, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and nearby Canadian teams to boost the numbers at Nationwide.

John will probably land somewhere soon, maybe back at a D-I school.  I don’t think the Jackets will interview him for a coaching position, by the way.  The Jackets will have their own issues in attracting coaching candidates, finding somebody with the right qualifications who is willing to work here for an organization that is so deficient in player development and maintaining an NHL roster.


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