Look! A Third Jersey!!!

Last night, the Jackets lost another game as they finish out the season, but to distract us, the team tells us Third Jersey stories.  And to make matters worse, The Dispatch even brings up Doug MacLean as part of its Third Jersey coverage, a tactic that is sure to draw eyeballs to their pages.  I won’t even bother with a link to this nonsense.  If you care more about a new jersey than the sinking of this once-promising hockey team, you know where to look.

Thursday’s game against Atlanta was not really NHL hockey.  It was more like an adult game.  All three goals scored in the 2-1 Columbus victory were deflected by defensemen.  The Jackets could only muster one shot in the third period of that clunker.  You’re probably thinking that they were saving themselves for their rival, the St. Louis Blues, right?

Well, last night the Blues came to town, a team still in the hunt for a playoff slot.  Unlike the Jackets, the St. Louis upper management decided very early in their season to fire a coach who was not winning, even though he is, by all accounts, a good coach.  None of this “let him work this out” crap because the Blues need and want to make the playoffs now.  St. Louis came into Nationwide and let the Jackets show them what little they had in terms of offense, and then proceeded to put away the punch-less Blue Jackets.

Did you hear they might put a cannon on the Third Jersey?!

Monday, the equally as bad Edmonton Oilers will be here and honestly, I don’t know what to expect.  I don’t even know why I’m bothering to go.  I love the game of hockey, but you don’t see much of it these days at Nationwide.  If ownership even bothers, I wonder what they would write in a letter to season ticket holders?  “Renew now so you can see the exciting new Third Jersey before the public.”

Please, hire some people who are competent at business leases, coaching, scouting, and other hockey areas.  Tell them they have to turn the team around NOW so that it resembles a competitive NHL franchise.  If you don’t want to do that, then sell the team.


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