Jack Edwards

In the past, I have poked fun of Jack Edwards, the Bruins announcer on NESN.  But in his blog today, he really makes a lot of sense.  This is not a short piece, but you should take time to read it.

Any resemblance to events, people or places in the following work of fiction is purely coincidental.

Slidsy Cornsbie of the Porkburgh Pinkins lies on the ice, his eyes barely open and already glazed over. His right arm twitches slightly. His legs don’t move.

The brilliant center, a national icon in Canada at age 22 and the most complete champion in hockey, never saw the hit coming. Backing into the high slot to improve his shooting angle, an opponent attacked from the blind side. The blow coldcocked Cornsbie. His head snapped violently right to left, his body followed, and he fell in a heap. Since he had released his shot and the puck was 50 feet away when he got hit, few actually saw the contact — not the four on-ice officials, not his coach, not even most of his teammates.

The replays show that the offending player was a marginal winger, thrice suspended. He clearly targeted Cornsbie’s head. The player came from an angle behind Cornsbie’s right ear (the absolute blind spot for a left-handed shot) and — even though he could have checked Cornsbie body-across-body, surely taking him down — elected to go right past the bigger and more proper target to hit him in the head.



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