Back To Their Old Ways

The past 24 hours showed that no matter much things have changed with the CBJ, they usually find a way to return to their Doug MacLean roots.  First off, the game; was Ken Hitchcock in the house last night?  You know things are bad when the team depends upon Grant Clitsome and Derek Dorsett for offense.  Yes, Antoine Vermette had a goal, but it was a lucky one.  Claude Noel had the team chipping and chasing all night, no flow, no creativity, and by the way, no Rick Nash.

And then today the team trades highly valued Rafi Torres to Buffalo for Nathan Paetsch and a 2nd round pick.  And dumps Milan Jurcina, Mathieu Roy, Alex Picard, and most likely Fredrik Modin.  I don’t know about you, but I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about having Nathan Paetsch patrolling the blue line.  Maybe they can pair him with Mike Commodore?  But, and this is my quick take, the team didn’t get as much for Torres as they should have.  They waited too long and all they got was a disposable defenseman and another meaningless, non-high round draft pick.

Forward Together, CBJ fans.  We can show the world that with the right mix of bad management and even worse business and financial management, our locals can take a once-promising NHL franchise and flush it away in no time.

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