Goodbye, James

One of the guys who got me into blogging (the other being Drew Harris of End of the Bench) is probably going to stop blogging.  James Mirtle, who writes the most sensible and clear hockey blog out there, is saying farewell.  No, nothing definite yet.  James is breaking up with us, preparing us for the end by dropping hints that there is someone else.

Bit of a tough post to write.

What’s been funny the past few weeks is that, when I talk to people about the work I’m doing covering the Leafs, one of the questions I often get is: “What about the blog?”

Truth is, I don’t know – not yet anyway. What I do know is that the role I’m in at the paper is exactly the sort of job so many sportswriters in this country dream of, and it’s going to be incredibly challenging, interesting and (hopefully) rewarding all at once.

What it likely won’t do is leave me with oodles of time to weigh in here every day.

It’s a bit sad to think that after more than five years of posting on my two silly sites, this could be the end (or the near end), but whatever happens, I’ll still be blogging whenever I can. The Globe, for one, is going to be building up its sites, and I’ll be helping in that regard, posting at Globe on Hockey (or potentially another site, if that’s the way they go).

The rest is here.  I met him when he visited Columbus a few years ago and enjoyed his comments about our team and city.  I will miss his blog, but I know that I will still be able to read him.


One response to “Goodbye, James

  1. That’s too bad. I always enjoyed reading James, he was one that got me into blogging, as well.

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