A Post

I don’t know what title I should use for a post about the latest loss.  I can’t believe that:

1.  A coaching change has not been made.

2.  A player of note, such as Mason, Huselius, Filatov, Russell, or any of the other starters, excluding Rick Nash, has not been traded.

3.  A public spat has not broken out among the players and staff.

4.  Ken Hitchcock has adopted Tressel-ball for the Blue Jackets.

5.  Background noises have not been made about the team packing up a leaving Columbus.

As for #1, if this was any other city or franchise, the coach would have been out the door.  In regards to #2, a trade of some kind would show the team and fans that winning needs to happen NOW, not next year.  It’s pretty amazing that everybody is saying nice things about each other in public and the press/media is buying it.  Hitch must figure that since Jim Tressel is content to win with a touchdown and field goals, the hockey team could get by with a single goal, 10-12 shots per game, and wait-it-out defensive game.  As for #5, it won’t be long on that one.


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