Rob Oller?

For some strange reason, Rob Oller, one of the OSU shills that The Dispatch likes to employ, decided to cover the Blue Jackets.  If you care, you can find his piece here.  Rob really doesn’t tell us anything new.  In fact, it looks like he simply hit the local hockey blogs and re-read Dispatch coverage for the article.  But for those of you not having access to The Dispatch or simply don’t want to waste your time, here are a few nuggets from Rob.

Hitchcock sees it as his job to educate these lads. So he explains. And explains. Unfortunately for him, the attention span of a 19-year-old twitters out at 140 characters.

Wow, all that time spent chasing around 19 year-olds who suit up for Jim Tressel has paid off for Rob.  He just knew that the young Jackets just Twitter away and IM each other and all that other cool stuff.  He has even seen some of them with iPods!  You can’t learn this kind of reporting at journalism school.  It’s all instinct for Rob.

And then there is the close:

Personally, I could listen to Hitch every day. But I don’t have to. The players do. The next two weeks will be interesting to watch, to see if the Jackets are interested in listening.

That is a red flag because it means that Oller might be writing more about non-OSU stuff until the Rose Bowl.  It is nice of him to warn us, but can’t he find something else to do?  I realize that The Dispatch has really cut costs and Rob won’t get to fly out to California and stay for a full week like the good old days.  But maybe he can watch DVD’s of Jim Tressel’s greatest press conferences or something to while away the time.  And you just know that he wants to tell Hitch all about what he knows regarding kids since he covers OSU all the time.  He’ll probably tell Hitch that maybe a “players-only” meeting at the Varsity Club is just the ticket to get the “lads” motivated again.  Or perhaps he’ll suggest that the Jackets let the Tri-Delts come over some time after practice for a little party.

There’s only thing out there that could be worse than somebody like Rob Oller covering the Blue Jackets.  And her name is Mindy Drayer.  But I think they have a restraining order on her.


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