Holy Duvie Westcott!

If the Jackets aren’t hungry enough, a favorite cliche that Ken Hitchcock likes to use when asked why the team can’t f*#cking win a game, last night was not a good game for the team overlord and motivator coach.  It was all you can eat night for us season ticket holders, a special night where I overindulge myself on food that I wouldn’t donate to a food bank.  Arriving at Nationwide for the 5:30 feeding frenzy, I took great delight in all of the culinary delights usual stuff that I could eat for free.  Judging by the play of the Blue Jackets last night, many of the players also ate too much before the game.

To re-quote myself from last week, the usual suspects did all the damage for Nashville.  Steve Sullivan had a superb night with three goals, Jason Arnott had his way with the Jacket defense, and Dan Ellis was solid in goal for Nashville.  Barry Trotz, the man who leaves a coat hanger in his jacket when he wears it, showed that he can beat Columbus with one had tied behind his back.

I won’t go into how bad it was to see in person and who was terrible for the Jackets last night, although you should be able to tell from the title of this post what I feel about a certain defenseman who wears #3.  Jacob Voracek played with a lot of energy and had something to show at the end of the night, but the big guns have been silent lately.  RJ Umberger thinks he gets a free pass because he used to play for OSU, but RJ, the fans who bother to show up are getting wise to you.  You need to score an important goal now and then, not a meaningless third period scoresheet entry.  Leave that to Chimera.  Antoine Vermette, we’re all waiting for you, so anytime you want to show your stuff, go right ahead.  Mike Commodore, we don’t see your name on the reservation list.

Tonight’s game is not on TV in Columbus or Minneapolis.  An early Christmas present.

***This is something I have to post and it has nothing to do with hockey.  Yesterday, Marina Davis passed away suddenly.  Ms. Davis was principal of Dublin Scioto High School.  As far as I know, Ms. Davis was well-liked by all who knew her and was a hard-working and caring person.  I learned of her death last night after I returned from Nationwide and I quickly went to dispatch.com to see if they had any additional information.

I made the mistake of looking at some of the comments on the report of her death and was horrified to see the comments of some people.  But it was in truly bad taste that The Dispatch did not exercise any editorial oversight and allowed them to be printed.  Fresh in my mind was the fiasco of the popular blog Puck-rakers being put behind a subscriber wall.  If The Dispatch can take the time to withhold its content, then it can certainly take the time to keep low-life scum from degrading the memory of Marina Davis.  You want me to take you seriously, Dispatch, then you show some maturity and leadership and keep the riff-raff from hurting those who cared about this woman.  Shame on you.

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