Florida Vacation

The lads put one up on the winner’s board last night with a solid 3-0 win over the Florida Panthers.  I’m sure the team celebrated the victory until they boarded the plane for Nashville.  A lot of winning streaks or just simple human feelings of joy have died down there in Music City.  Maybe they can get one out tonight.

Samuel Pahlson gets an award for strangest goal ever scored when the Florida center Kamil Kreps (now there’s a name!) drew a center-ice face-off back into his own empty net.  The rule is that the last person on the scoring team who touched the puck gets credit for a goal when a defender puts it into his own net, but Derick Brassard had just scored for the Jackets and last touched it, so it would have been unusual to give him another goal in this case.

Steve Mason showed that he can still play like he did last season and the defense showed that they remembered to clear that little black thing out of their own zone quickly and efficiently.  The offense still had a lot of chances that did not get converted, so maybe tonight they can finish better.

I applaud the fans who did turn out and not stay home and watch OSU football re-runs like our local TV weathermen advised.  I don’t think the team broke any dubious attendance records last night.

If the Jackets can put together some wins in the next two weeks, they might put some distance between themselves and Detroit.  Things are not good in the Motor City with all the injuries they have been hit with and lack of scoring.  The two games coming up on the 26th and 28th with the Red Wings now look very serious, a chance to show something. This is an important juncture for the team.

There were four shutouts in the NHL last night.  The Washington Ovechkins were shut out by Ryan Miller of Buffalo, the Red Wings by their (and our) former back-up, Ty Conklin of St. Louis, the Colorado Footalanche by Niklas Backstrom and Minnesota, and Steve Mason.  That is your useless fact of the day.

Go Jackets, give us an early Christmas present tonight.


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