Answers Tonight?

I couldn’t bring myself to post anything after that dreadful Avalanche game on Saturday.  It was no fun having paid $160+ for my tickets that night, seeing such uninspired play.  One player out there who was playing decent hockey was Adam Foote himself.  I must give him credit for playing smart, controlled hockey the entire game.  But Adam, why couldn’t you play like that when you received a paycheck from Columbus?  Why the fore-arm shivers, the needless penalties, the constant whining to the officials when you played here?

So will tonight set a Blue Jacket record?  Will they set an all-time low for Nationwide attendance?  If you have bothered to go to any games lately, and a lot of you don’t, you see the crowds getting smaller and smaller.  Holiday youth tournaments and gate attractions like Detroit and Pittsburgh have put some people in the seats, but tonight we have the Florida Panthers, a Wednesday night, and a cold weather forecast.  Not a good sign.  We could break 10,000 and I’m not talking about the upside.

I do want to mention that I was disturbed by the way Bob McElligott treated a fan who called into the post-game show on Saturday.  The fan, who I believe attended the game, was frustrated and expressed his displeasure with Steve Mason giving up the third goal to Colorado quickly after the Jackets had closed to within one goal.  McElligott put the fan down, saying that the puck “might have” been tipped by Marc Methot.  He was defensive and condescending to the fan, reminding me of the days when Doug MacLean ran the team.  Well, Bob, you are a member of the broadcast team and as such, benefit from countless video replays, yet you said the puck “might” have been tipped.  Was it tipped or not, Bob?  If it was tipped, why not say so?  If it wasn’t, why did you feel the need to put the guy down?  Do you think your paychecks are made possible by Goldman Sachs?

A few minutes later, you felt the need to tell everyone that in the Toronto game, Steve Mason was pulled and Mathieu Garon gave up a goal on the first shot he faced.  You implied that the fans got their way when Mason was pulled, but Garon wasn’t any better.  I believe you said something about the backup is real popular until he plays. Nothing about Garon coming off the bench cold and immediately facing a tough shot, eh Bob?

If this is how you are going to be Bob, that’s fine, but kiss my ass.  You just made it an easy call for me to not even bother listening to you since you know better than any of us stupid fans.  You might be the expert when you speak at local nursing homes, but your condescension is too much for me.


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