Maple Loafs

The Maple Leafs came to town last night and steamrolled the Blue Jackets.  Of course, our home-town boys didn’t play very well, so it may not be accurate to use the word steamrolled.  How about saying that Toronto graciously accepted all the turnovers that the Jackets game them?  The first two TML goals happened right in front of me and they were beauts.  Mike Commodore had trouble with the puck and gave it right to Phil Kessel who put it by Steve Mason.  Mike, I’ll give you a hint; you want to look for that little black thing on the ice.

But Fedor Tyutin simply passed the puck right to Lee Stempniak for the second Toronto goal.  The Jackets did get a goal from Kristian Huselius to make it 2-1, but then the Maple Leafs executed to perfection a simple transition play and Jason Blake put the puck past Mason to go up, 3-1.  And it was over.  Toronto got five of their six goals from American boys and a token Russian put in the other.  Jason Chimera put in a meaningless third period goal that ended his scoreless streak.

I was very disappointed in the Toronto fans.  As you know, the local fan base does not show up for games anymore and the Blue Jackets depend upon the opposition to generate attendance numbers.  I would guess that only about 700 Toronto fans were there last night, enjoying the generosity of the Blue Jackets and taking in the Columbus attractions.  But come on Toronto, you’ve got to do better the next time.  I realize that our fair city doesn’t have casino gambling yet, but Buffalo could put 2,000 drunks into Nationwide on Tuesday night in February!

In other news, I see that John Rosenberger is going to be the (no pun intended, Dispatch?) “Point person” for the Blue Jackets financial situation.

John Rosenberger, the retired executive director of Capitol South Community Urban Redevelopment Corp., will seek a solution among team owners and officials, arena owners, and city and county leaders.

Well, I feel better already about the future for monster truck racing at Nationwide.  I’m sure he’ll get Nationwide on our side and they will re-think the lease terms of the arena so that it doesn’t get shut down.  Maybe Rosenberger will do something creative like call for a law stopping the army of scalpers outside the arena that killed the PSL investment that those of us made.  Maybe he will ask Nationwide to prohibit their employees from dumping their tickets.  Just thinking out loud here.

Well, the Colorado game is next up.  You know who had no shots on goal, no points, and six minutes in penalties, four of them in OT, in his last game against Florida.  Some people say he is a competitor, but I say he is a weasel.  I wonder if he will stop by his old Tartan Fields neighborhood?

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