Donnie Shulzhoffer

Donnie Shulzhoffer, that’s who Bill Davidge reminds me of.  Mike Meyers played the pompous, know-it-all hockey broadcaster in the movie, Mystery.  After watching him this weekend, it really became clear to me.  This is a guy who never met a cliche he didn’t want to repeat, over and over.  Instead of spitting out cliches, perhaps he could study the rules better.  His pronouncement in the Ottawa game that play should have been blown dead on a delayed call against the Jackets when they touched the puck was the worst.  Bill, in case you don’t know, the rule in the NHL says the offending team must have control of the puck.  In the NCAA and USA Hockey, where you used to coach, the rule says the offending team must possess and control the puck.  A subtle difference, but one that every Mite coach knows.

Tonight the Jackets host a floundering Blues team.  The difference between the two teams is that St, Louis management has stated publicly that they need to win, which is a warning to Andy Murray, their head coach.  In Columbus, we haven’t heard that nor will we ever.  Because …  Because of a number of reasons which I will put off until later.

Anyway, while some of the fans are blaming Steve Mason and some are blaming Mike Commodore and some are blaming Derick Brassard and some are blaming the game ops, I’m going to go out on a limb here and call it a team effort.  Yeah, that’s the easy way, but it’s the right call.  Mason let in some bad goals, but the defense forgets how to play in their own end while Brassard isn’t putting up the numbers he should but except for Nash and Huselius, nobody else is, and if they had better replays and better music at Nationwide, the team would play better.

The whole team can’t slump at once.  Parts of the team will turn it around and the consistency will be there.  When the defense plays better, it will take pressure off the forwards.  I firmly believe that if Mason can’t improve, Garon will be the starter.  If certain defensemen don’t get going, they will be going.  Changes are coming, no matter what Howson says.


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