Wednesday Night Hockey

Lots of games on TV tonight and I’m doing my best to watch most of them.

-Detroit loses at home to Atlanta, 2-0.  Boy, did Atlanta look good.  Detroit put 40 shots on goal and Ondrej Pavelec stopped them all.  Ron Hainsey plays 20 minutes, is +1, and made some fine defensive plays throughout the game.

-Montreal travels to Pittsburgh and loses, 3-1.  They did not look like the team that ran past Columbus last night.  They were tired and never got going.

-I’ve been watching the Nashville at Colorado game until now.  The Predators jumped to a quick 2-0 lead in the first, Colorado went up 3-2 in the second, but Shea Weber ties it with a minute to go in the second.  Adam Foote is still out.

-The game of the night is Chicago at San Jose, which just started.  Marian Hossa makes his debut tonight. Both teams are hot, 8-1-1 in their last ten games.

-I heard that Ken Hitchcock had the Jackets working on chipping the puck today for the entire practice.  Hitch’s idea of a perfect game would have the Jackets chipping the puck about 150 feet down the ice, just enough to avoid an icing call.  My idea of a perfect game would have the Jackets scoring more goals than their opponent.


2 responses to “Wednesday Night Hockey

  1. Scoring more goals is a great plan. Problem is, when we’re giving up 5-9 goals in our losses, it’s real hard to be confident that we will come up with 6-10 goals. Thus, we have to play a little defense, too.

  2. DBJ, my sarcastic point was that the Jackets, under Hitchcock, spend too much time playing defense and not enough creating offense. That is why I made the crack about the team spending an entire practice working on chipping the puck.

    Hitch is a defense-first coach and everybody knew that from the first day. But when your primary strategy is not working, you better have something else. I think that teams play Columbus knowing that they don’t have to worry about out-scoring the Jackets and thus focus on overwhelming our defense.

    Now the team has surprised a few people this year by the amount of goals they put on the board. But when the defense is having an off night or being out-played, we have seen (Detroit, NY Rangers games) what happens. It is far easier to teach defense than it is offense. Yet we have some high-quality weapons (Nash and Huselius) that can do some damage; perhaps we should explore some ways to use them more effectively?

    Anyway, thanks for your comments. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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