Track Meets

I’ve been reading some of the interwebs today and several of them all point out that the Blue Jackets can’t afford to get into a “track meet” out there.  First off, that is a priori but people sill like to say it.  Track meet, not a priori.  But using this as an excuse is a lot like telling the NHL that you are a D League team playing in the C League.  Do the Jackets want the NHL to have highlighted players on the score sheet?  Do they want scoring limitations put in place?

Look, track meets are what the NHL wants and are a fact of life in the post-Lockout world.  No more clutching and grabbing, no more blocking and interference.  Players who have skills and speed are what the league wants and the rules are in place for them to flourish.  So if the Jackets can’t keep up or find themselves in the right lane all the time, maybe they should re-examine their core competencies and try something different.  Like speed and skills, offensive creativity, and less reliance on checking and keeping the puck out of their own zone.  Somebody tell the Jackets the game changed in 2005.


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