Big Win In The Big D

A nice win for the Blue Jackets last night in Dallas.  All of the CBJ goals came on special teams, including a short-handed beauty by Kristian Huselius in the first period with less than one second on the clock.  Juice’s goal should shut the commenters up on some of the local blogs, although this morning they are rightfully pissed off about the James Neal hit on Derek Dorsett.  I won’t post the video, but it is all over the web if you want to watch.  Neal was given a five and game and will probably face a hearing and more discipline.  The play will add to the criticism that NHL officiating has been getting lately, adding on to the number of issues facing the game.  I joked last week about Rick Nash doing a D League move on his shootout goal, but Neal copied a D (or E) League move with his hit from behind.  So we’ll see what happens, but I care more about Dorsett recovering than I do Neal getting a suspension.

I suppose we can look forward to Tom Sestito having a busy night in Nashville.  I say that without sarcasm, because the Predators (and Jordan Tootoo) play a lot tougher at home than they do on the road.  The PIM’s in the first period could be high on Saturday.  Opposing teams now think the Jackets are soft without Nikita Filatov in the lineup.


5 responses to “Big Win In The Big D

  1. Puck Daddy named Juice their #1 star of the night. Not bad at all for “a floating turnover machine”, really. Especially given some of the performances around the league.

    I totally agree about hoping for Dorsett’s quick recovery more than Neal’s punishment.

    Any thoughts on the blown OT goal call in the TOR/CAR game?

  2. Didn’t see the Leafs game; you have a link for me to watch?

    I know you picked one of the gentler comments on Juice from this past week. I’ll say one thing for some of the local hockey fans; they know how to show the stupid.

  3. “Opposing teams now think the Jackets are soft without Nikita Filatov in the lineup.”

    That defies logic in so many ways. But heck, let’s let everyone think that’s the case as we clean their clocks.

    If anything, I have seen a tighter team since Sestito was called up. A stricter version of Hitch hockey, if you will.

  4. Thank you, Matt. Not as bad as the Detroit-Dallas game on Wednesday.

    A few weeks ago, one of the local officials raised his arm for a delayed call in a AAA game. The play went on for about 40 seconds before it was blown dead when the puck went out of play. By this time, the referee completely forgot his original call and had to apologize to the coaches. I wasn’t there, but heard this directly from the other crew members.

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