Nash Admits To Copying Local D Leaguer

Rick Nash, fresh off his game clinching shoot-out goal last night, admitted that he studied local Chiller Adult League players and picked up some valuable moves.  “I never would have thought that skating off-balanced would be such a great move!” said the Jacket captain.  “A lot of local D Leaguers approach me and always want to talk about their game, so one Thursday night I sneaked into a Chiller and watched a few of them.  Man, I saw goals scored that I thought weren’t even possible.”

When asked if there was anyone in particular who “coached” him, Rick would only say that he used a lot of “combined” moves.  But I personally studied some of the D League video and believe that this is the guy who Nash copied.  You can just tell by the smooth confidence shown by this unnamed player that he has a lot of natural ability, stuff that can’t be learned from coaching.



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