So the Jackets won two in a row and have won three of their last five, earning points in all of the games.  Detroit is heading here on Wednesday and I’m sure the team is happy about that since it means there will be some butts in the seats.  Maybe the Jackets ought schedule home games with Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, and Toronto as much as possible so that the franchise can be saved by the out-of-town fans.  A kind of reverse cream puffery in the model of OSU.  And by the way, I’m sure the local elected officials are watching the attendance figures closely since hockey fans want them to stick their necks out and help bail out the team.

Cam Ward’s injury has to be one of the more gruesome that I have witnessed.  I have seen people who have had their arms cut by skates and a few who have had the back of the legs cut, but those cuts didn’t gush like Ward’s.  I hope he fully recovers and is ready to play again soon.  Best wishes to him.

Local high school hockey is now in session and there will be quite a few games to see this weekend.  And then there is the huge Thanksgiving Tournament coming up over that holiday weekend, taking place at all of the local Chiller rinks.  With the Jackets out of town during that time, you can see some of the local kids on the ice.

If the Jackets do leave town, how long do you think the Chillers would remain open?  An hour?  Yeah, it’s depressing, isn’t it.  Maybe the buildings could be used for slot machine maintenance or something.

Do you think the Carolina Hurricanes, in a desperate need to get something going, will fire Paul Maurice and bring back Peter Laviolette?  I mean, it worked well when they fired Maurice and replaced him with Laviolette and then it worked nicely when they fired Laviolette and put Maurice back in the coaching slot, so why not do it again?  The NY Yankees used to fire and hire Billy Martin all the time.

I don’t like to call players out, but after watching the Jackets play Carolina Saturday, I have to ask:  Is Joe Corvo the worst defenseman on Carolina, or the worst defenseman in the Eastern Conference?  Could he have played Jared Boll any poorer?

That’s all for now.  Email me tonight during the Kings-Blackhawks game with updates.  The game is on Versus and that means DirecTV won’t be showing it.  You can reach me at dispatchesfromcolumbus at



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