Another View

Here is an outside view of the CBJ financial mess.  Yes, James and I talk and then and we got together when he was in town for a game.

The Columbus Blue Jackets could leave central Ohio if the team can’t fix an economic model that is causing losses of $12 million a year, according to a report issued today by the Columbus Chamber. But a deal to keep the hockey team here and the Arena District alive — the team and the district generated $30 million in taxes last year — probably will include asking for public dollars, and soon.

“We believe there is a sense of urgency here,” said Ty D. Marsh, chamber president and CEO. “We’re looking for a solution or progress by the end of the year.”

— The Columbus Dispatch

This is a situation that’s been building for a while. I’d actually be shocked if the Blue Jackets have made much of a profit in any year since the prelockout days, when the payroll was very low and interest was at its peak.

Historically, their attendance has been decent, too, at least prior to the lockout, but because a private company built the building, Columbus pays significant rent (about $3.5-million annually), receives no arena perks and ticket prices remain fairly low. The one game I’ve seen there, I sat right behind the bench for $80, tickets that were widely available.

Even with the league’s new revenue sharing system, the Jackets just aren’t all that close to turning a profit:

You can read the rest of his piece here.  But I will add this; the Jackets are in trouble and they can’t stay here past 2013 unless things change.  Think of how many slot machines will fit on the floor of Nationwide Arena.





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