Light the Lamp and Puck-rakers are bringing attention to the fact that, if you care to go to the game against Pittsburgh, you may find yourself in a minority and surrounded by boorish fans.  As I said earlier, I spoke to a CBJ ticket rep and was told that the game is sold out and it is looking like a 50-50 fan mix.  So it might be uncomfortable for some people, but others might enjoy the companionship of opposing fans.

We’ll all be subject to the usual claims of how great the Penguins are and how strong their fan base is.  And those are true statements, today.  But just a few years ago, fans were not showing up and the team was not very good and they were looking to leave.  But that all worked out and things couldn’t be better in Pittsburgh.  Finishing last, the team got some very good number one draft picks with Crosby and Malkin, a new arena from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and today things couldn’t be better.  The Blue Jackets have never had the honor of finishing dead last (in fact our  third year franchise finished ahead of them in 2003) and we can’t even get the local county to help us out with our Arena issues.  But all is fair in love and hockey.

Welcome to Columbus, Penguin fans, and enjoy the game.  Good luck to you, but go Jackets.



One response to “Tonight

  1. Looking good so far. Any updates on HD broadcasts? I haven’t seen one in weeks. Perhaps it’s my provider?

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