Down Goes Chimera

OK, the affair is over, at least the off-ice portion.  Mr. Scuderi has been told that he better not do it again and Mr. Dorsett has been told that upon further review, he did not leave his bench to go fight Mr. Scuderi.  Oh, Mr. Chimera is expected to forget the whole thing, which he probably will do.

I’ll bet that Kevin Pollock and Francois St.Laurent, the two referees that night, will not be able to forget it because they probably got some bad marks on their performance reviews and may not be chosen to work any playoff games in April.  OK, so they “missed” seeing how low Scuderi hit Chimera.  Because they were not watching it?  Or because they were out of position?  And then they said Dorsett left the bench early, but all they called was Too Many Men.  Really?  You call Too Many Men and then tack on a Game Misconduct?  Usually an official will add another two or a ten before the game.  But OK, I’ll work with you guys, Keven and Francois.  You have everything under control now and want to get things going again.

So the next course of action would be …Assess a Misconduct (ten minutes) to Jason Chimera because you don’t like the tone of his voice?  He is bleeding from the face and head, might have a head injury (which the league doesn’t like), is emotional and upset because he almost had his career ended, and you think he deserves a penalty?  That will teach him, although I have no idea what.  You don’t let him blow off a little steam, you don’t call anything on Scuderi, and you take two Blue Jackets off the ice for at least ten minutes.

Keep it up and you’ll find yourselves working D League games at The Chiller.


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