One In A Row

I didn’t make it to opening night, the first time I missed that game since the franchise began.  It was nice to see the lads win the first one and make everyone feel good.  The Jackets have a good chance tonight to catch a stumbling out-of-the blocks Vancouver team.  But then again, maybe the Canucks will have found their mojo and be competitive.

But I’ve got a few random thoughts to share.

First off, it has been rather unpleasant to read some of the comments out there on the interwebs bashing Manny Malhotra.  Why the Buckeyeness, simply because he doesn’t play here anymore?  I mean, he didn’t ask to leave the team.  It was the same crap with Zherdev, who also didn’t ask to leave here.  Only one player publicly and arrogantly said he was through playing here and that is the current captain of the Colorado team.  Darryl Sydor kind of left under questionable circumstances, but that was during the Doug MacLean era and nobody had a clue as to what was going on then.  Anyway, back off Manny.  He and his wife were cheerful and tireless volunteers during his time here and never (to my knowledge) said “no” to a charitable cause.

What’s up with the new look of Jeff Rimer?  Is he worried that the handsome (in a manly way) Bill Davidge will get all the attention?  Did he get hair plugs in the off-season?  If I were a puck bunny, I would be on the alert when he walks into a bar.

And since I had to watch the game, I missed Danny Gare shout “Ka-boomski” when play was analyzed.  It’s just not the same, but maybe Davidge will come up with a new catch-phrase.

How about the Puck-raker comments about the Blue Jackets scheduling opening night at the same time as the OSU-Indiana game?  Folks, the Buckeyes (or Indiana) changed the game time about three weeks ago.  The new starting time was done to accommodate all of the OSU fans to give them extra driving time.  Plus, they could get a day in working the Indiana slots before kickoff.

I’m a DirecTV customer who is without Versus during the pissing contest the two media giants are currently having.  That means I missed most of the games over the weekend except for the Canadian broadcasts and the West Coast NHL games.  But you know, I would rather do without them than give one more cent to Comcast, owner of Versus.  Who needs who?  Versus is a product of the satellite TV industry and couldn’t even find a home on most cable companies before they stumbled on the NHL broadcast rights.  By the way, did you know that Comcast owns the Flyers?  No conflict in that one, is there Gary?

Finally, I hope the flu that spread to Mike Commodore’s groin goes away quickly.  I wonder where they are going to inject the H1N1 vaccine.  It makes me cringe to think about that one.


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