MacLean Follow-Up

The other day I posted about Doug MacLean joining Jim Balsillie’s group as an advisor.  As you all know by now, the next day Doug was guest a on The FAN 590, one of Canada’s leading sports radio stations.  He was the guest of Bob McGown who can run his mouth with the best of them.  If you want to listen to the show, here is a link.

Anyway, all heck broke out and the show was highly entertaining, although not in the way the The FAN thought it would be.  Doug’s main problem is that just a few months ago he was often blasting Balsillie.  But as our boy is known to do, he found an “opportunity”  (MacLean speak for money) and conveniently signed on with someone he opposed.  Reminds me of the time he signed Todd Marchant to a large contract and then dumped him a season later, handicapping the Jackets for several years.

But I have to say that if I had to choose between McGown and MacLean here, and death was not an option, I would side with MacLean.  He was clearly ambushed and set up by McGown, who probably was driven crazy by MacLean’s frequent contradictions and direction changes and temper tantrums.  And by the way, I would love to have audio/video rights to the in-studio fight between the two of them.

Finally, what does a proven business success like Jim Balsillie need Doug MacLean for?  What can Doug advise him about putting an NHL team in Southern Ontario?  What would he say, “Hire more people from PEI”?  Would Doug try to become the team focal point on radio and TV like he was in Columbus?  What job would he give Jim Clark?

I am on the record as supporting Jim Balsillie and I respect him for what he as accomplished at RIM, but I think he could do without any advice from Doug MacLean.


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