Rumors and Columbus

I’m still alive, although hockey hasn’t been a priority of late for me.  I’m more concerned about trying to get a piece of the Windows 7 action than I am about an old Russian defenseman who may or may not be a good fit for Columbus, depending upon who you read.  I agree that the Blue Jackets could use an experienced defenseman, and Sergei Zubov would have fit the bill nicely when he could skate faster than a Chiller Adult League player, but passing on him is the wise course at this time.

And I was in the Arena District recently and didn’t see an eviction notice on any of the doors, so I assume that we will have another season.  Things are tough for Columbus, but we haven’t hit the Cash for Clunkers level like Phoenix or Atlanta.  If I see Jim Balsillie in town, I might get worried, but it is very clear that the NHL would never, ever allow him to join their club and own a team.  No, no, we don’t need his kind in Columbus; we can sign one-sided arena leases without his help.

So life is quiet, slow and hockey-free these days.  My car still finds its way to a rink a couple of times a week, but it is with guys who just want to skate and not discuss which current rostered forward will the odd man out in October.  That will be something to blog about.


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