Good Draft

All in all, the Jackets did a nice job at the draft.  When you draft way down at 21st, you aren’t going to make much of a splash, but these picks look like they have potential.  You’re probably thinking that I made a real easy generalization here, but all the players have real strengths, no baggage, and fit real needs that the team has.

I hope the anti-Michigan crap stops right now regarding Kevin Lynch, the second round pick.  So he grew up in the Detroit area, loves the Red Wings, and is going to the nearest D-I school that has a good hockey program.  So what!  We shouldn’t care where he goes as long as he develops and makes the Blue Jackets better. I didn’t hear him say that he doesn’t want to play for Columbus and will refuse to come to camp this week.

So what’s next for the team, signing Rick Nash or getting a new lease from Nationwide Arena?  Is one dependent upon the other?  I hope not. In regards to the lease, I think it would be wise to put it in the background and quietly work on a solution.  And maybe that would be the right way to negotiate with Nash, too.

So Jackets, give me some more news that will get me through the rest of the summer.


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