Arena Problems All Over The Country

Arena problems are all over the country, not just in Columbus.  The New York Time ran this piece tonight on its web site and Nationwide is featured.

In Columbus, Ohio, the Blue Jackets hockey team recently opened negotiations to sell its money-losing Nationwide Arena to the county, but the recession has made the sale somewhat unlikely. Nationwide Arena competes for concerts and other nonsporting events with Ohio State University’s Jerome Schottenstein Center, which barely breaks even, according to a report by The Columbus Dispatch.

All of this competition can eat deeply into revenues.

At Nationwide Arena, concert promoters have been known to use the competition as leverage to get a better deal. In some cases, according to Mike Priest, president of the Blue Jackets and JMAC, which manages the arena, promoters have forced the management to guarantee as much as $1.1 million for a major band, even though the same act commands $350,000 less in Indianapolis, which has one main arena.

The rest of the article is here and it is a good read.

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