Draft Day

It’s here and I can’t tell you how unexcited I am.  Normally, I look forward to this annual event, but with the Jackets drafting in the middle of the pack, the excitement just isn’t there for me.  It’s more nerve-wracking to see if Lex Wexner or NetJets will come in and fix the Arena lease.  Or maybe Joe Blundo will hop on a plane to Montreal and cover the draft as only he can, infuriating the handful of people who don’t get him.

But can you imagine what the Blue Jackets would be like if Lex Wexner and The Limited Companies got involved?  For one thing, you can bet that the Pepsi Party Patrol girls would dress a lot different with the Victoria’s Secret connection.  The team uniforms would probably look different, more fashionable.

JefferiesWhat the team really needs is for 61 year-old Mike Jefferies of Abercrombie & Fitch to get involved.  His involvement would certainly take all the attention away from Tampa Bay.  Third jersey?  Try seventh and eighth jerseys.  Ticket prices would immediately rise, but the team would attract the younger demographic that it desires.  The loud music at the games alone would keep anyone over 30 away.

Anyway, back to the draft.  I promise to follow it and will try to get excited if Tomas Kaberle finally gets traded.


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