Two Thought On The “Arena Issue”

1.  How much money did the Blue Jackets or one of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies lose on the Columbus Destroyers?  Did this factor into the lease?  I remember the Blue Jackets promoting the football team, staffing the office, and doing all kinds of marketing and supporting activities.  But who leased Nationwide for the Destroyers?  And who wrote those lease checks?

2.  Yes, I have heard over and over that the current owners of the Blue Jackets have no intention of moving the team out of here.  And I believe them.  But what if the lease or other business issues plague the team so much that they would not be able to sustain the financial losses?  Would that mean the team would be put up for sale?  And if that would happen, all statements about keeping the team in Columbus would no longer be in effect.  Now I’m not saying that the Jackets are contemplating a sale of the team or that things won’t get fixed.  But if current economic conditions linger longer than the team can weather them, than the prudent business decision would be to cut the losses and sell the team.

A wise hockey man once told me never to confuse hockey issues with business issues.  They are not the same.


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