Now We Wait

The season is over with nothing to do but wait.  I know, I could trash Detroit like others, but it wouldn’t feel right.  I had a feeling after game six that it was over for Detroit, that their time had come and gone.  Pittsburgh had energy and they had the hunger.  I also think, at this point in time before the draft and summer trades, that we won’t see the Red Wings go this far into the playoffs for a few seasons.  They have too many salaries to manage, too many player decisions to make, and too many guys past their prime.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think Sidney Crosby was showing poor sportsmanship during the post-game handshake.  Those things are confusing enough with all the people on the ice and signals were crossed.

Now we wait.  We wait to see if the Jackets can solve their Arena issue, which in my mind is their issue, not Franklin County’s.  As we wait, we can read crazy rumors and gossip, like the destinations of Jay Bowmeester and Danny Heatly.  By the way, Bowmeester was going to be a Blue Jacket if Doug MacLean did not swing the deal for Rick Nash.  And can we afford Heatly?  Imagine how high the sin tax will go if the team grabs him and re-signs Rick Nash?

Perhaps Marian Hossa will be available?  I bet Brad Stuart will be.


One response to “Now We Wait

  1. The other thing that makes me roll my eyes in the whole ‘Handshake-gate’ (retch) thing is that A) he clearly did shake hands with people when he could, seeing as it’s on multiple TV recordings from CBC and NBC, and B) There was this small matter of NBC, CBC, NHL Radio, XM, WFIJ, KMFDM, and the EIEIO all trying to grab him for soundbytes almost as soon as he’d finished handing the cup to Guerin! It’s not like he had the -time-.

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