Great Timing On This

The Columbus Blue Jackets are leading discussions about the possible sale of Nationwide Arena to Franklin County, using higher taxes on alcohol and cigarettes to help fund the deal.

Preliminary talks have been held between Blue Jackets and Franklin County officials, state legislators and Nationwide Insurance executives over helping the National Hockey League club solve its economic problems, Columbus Business First has learned. One option under discussion calls for the county to buy the 18,000-seat arena from Nationwide so the team can work toward getting a better lease.

More here.

I don’t think Gary Bettman was pleased about this when it came to his attention a few hours ago as the NHL tries to say that things aren’t that bad in Phoenix.  But why is this coming out now?  Is this part of a huge financial problem the organization has?  Add this to the Jim Day and Danny Gare firing and you have to wonder just how bad off the team is financially.

Mike Priest was quoted in the article saying that the team doesn’t get any parking revenue, but very few teams do, Mike.  Phoenix gets some parking revenue, by the way, and it didn’t do a lot of good.  As a hockey fan, I’m nervous about this and as a taxpayer, I’m really nervous about this.

We’ll have to watch this one.  In the meantime, will Tiger Woods play the Memorial?

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