Filling Two CBJ Openings At Once

The Blue Jackets are currently looking to hire a new goalie coach:

The Blue Jackets hope to have a goaltending coach in place by the start of a developmental camp in July. But interim coach Perry Elderbroom, who took over for Clint Malarchuk early in the season, will not be among the candidates, the Dispatch has learned.

At the same time, the team has an opening for Danny Gare replacement.  The team hopes to get someone in place who is knowledgeable of the game and has good telestrator skills.  razor_thoughts250

I think the Jackets would do well to consider hiring Darryl Reaugh to fill BOTH posts.  His skills in the broadcast booth are well known, but if you aren’t familar with him, tune into the Versus coverage of the Eastern Conference Finals.  Although Razor has no experience as a goalie coach, he has played for Ken Hitchcock twice in his career, first in Junior and also as a member of the Dallas Stars.  Hitch loves Razor so much that as a player he advised his Coach Hitchcock on players to trade for.

Columbus would gain a first-rate broadcaster, a goalie coach who could get along with Ken Hitchcock, and new hockey blogger.  It would be a perfect fit for the budget-conscious Jackets.


2 responses to “Filling Two CBJ Openings At Once

  1. The CBJ front office pushed FSN Ohio to ‘Reassign’ Jim Day because he wouldn’t toe the line. Do you -really- think that Reaugh would be willing to sit down and put on a muzzle?

  2. Truth Serum

    I wrote this obviously before Jim Day was released. But Razor is a STAR who can do what he wants.

    In all seriousness, I’m not sure what the Jackets want. They started with quiet company guys, Scott Kelley and Steve Konroyd, then got lucky with Brian Engblom who was unable to do color for a bad team, and then hired Danny Gare, a known goofball. Since the team plays defensive Hitchcock hockey, it may be better to go back to a by-the-books kind of guy.

    Perhaps Aaron Portzline will start another crazy rumor that Dick Irvin will come out of retirement to take over the booth.

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