Balsillie And Non-Balsillie Stuff

As Gary Bettman told us, the NHL considers the Coyotes in Phoenix a good location and should not be moved.  But then there was this email:

National Hockey Commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed in an internal e-mail sent last month that the league should offer the Phoenix Coyotes to Winnipeg before relocating the club anywhere else.

I’m watching the Carolina-Pittsburgh game at the moment and I see Sergei Gonchar skating just fine, although with a brace.  I thought, after reading the many Penguin bloggers, he was going to have his leg amputated after the hit he took from Ovechkin.

I wonder how the NHL feels about Scott Walker scoring the game seven winner for Carolina after he was let off with stern talking-to after he punched Aaron Ward?  I bet Boston wishes the league would have suspended him.

This series, the Eastern Finals, will be covered on Versus by Joe Beninati and the Great Darryl Reaugh.  You have to take the good with the bad.  But I hope Beninati lets Razor talk as much as he wants. 


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