“Just say no to the Red Wings”

From Steve Rosenbloom, Chicago Tribune.

Listen up, Blackhawks fans: Stop asking for Detroit. Stop asking for the Hawks to meet the abominable Red Wings in the Western Conference Finals.

Asking for the dreaded Wings is asking for trouble.

I understand the thinking, believe me. If you love tradition and have a good hate working, then, gawd, yes, bring on the evil Wings.

Look, the beastly Wings are defending champions. Wipe the long-standing hate from your eyes and show a little respect for that.

The villainous Wings have won four Cups going back to 1997. The Hawks have won only three Cups in their history. In. Their. HistoryInterestingly, for all the wonderful things that Joel Quenneville has done with a young team, for all his strategic expertise, he would be the least decorated coach to face the Wings. Columbus’ Ken Hitchcock and Anaheim’s Randy Carlyle each won Cups as the guy behind the bench. Quenneville has jewelry as an assistant coach, but hasn’t guided his own team into a final.


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