“NHL … went beserk.”

More coverage of the Jim Balsillie-NHL Cage Match.

Meanwhile, the N.H.L. understandably went berserk. In their view, they had worked hard trying to find Moyes a buyer, loaned him money to stay afloat, and he then goes behind their backs and puts the wheels in motion to undo their work and sell the club to a man who has been an antagonist to both the league office and many in ownership.

The Leafs and Sabres do not want another club in their territory. There are provisions in place in the league bylaws that protect franchises from encroachment, and many other owners — though not all — are likely to jump to their defense.

The money quote:

“The question then becomes, can a bankruptcy court in Arizona mandate the N.H.L. to relocate or transfer a franchise in order to satisfy the needs of the Coyotes’ secured creditors?” McKenzie writes. “It’s an interesting legal question, and without putting words in anyone’s mouth – no one is commenting anyway – the safe bet is that Balsillie’s group believes that’s a possibility while the N.H.L. doesn’t believe a bankruptcy court can tell it how to conduct its affairs.”

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